III International Doll Salon “Kyivska Kazka” (Kyiv Fairy Tale), Ukraine, Kyiv - moved to autumn 2012

3rd Salon was moved to autumn by the artists' requests in case of EURO-2012.


Salon will take place at Arsenal of Arts. Dates will be announced soon.

Program of Salon

The exhibition program of Salon will consist of such blocks as:


Moreover, during the Salon working program will be held such events as:

In the ancient times of the "Princess’ Age", Kyiv was one of the most important centers of creation and exchange of the cultural art and crafts values of different nations of the World. And today it is able to take the important place in unified space of European and World cultural Community.

This year's Salon will take place at central exhibition place of Ukraine - National Center for cultural and business cooperation "Ukrainian House", located in the heart of the capital on the street Khreshchatyk.

A spectacle presence of plenty of representatives of press and television, responses in Ukrainian and international mass-media, is an evidence of involvement the assosiation of this kind of Arts into the world community of artists this Salon will become the exceptional event in the cultural life of Ukraine and the world.

Underlining the Salon’s importance by the special program, in which artists, galleries and creative associations will present the brightest and talented works. We unite in single exhibition space all the best, that is in this genre of Art for today. To create a platform for expansion the circle of communications for authors, restorers and Ukrainian collectors with the colleagues from the different countries of the world, and also education of aesthetically good tastes, expansion of artistic perception of the world of the Ukrainian audience and collectors, popularization of Doll Art in Ukraine and in all East Europe is a main mission of our Event.

There is not analogues to the International Dolls Salon “Kyivska Kazka” (Kyiv Fairy Tale) in Ukraine. Moreover, Salon is one of the largest events in the Eastern Europe, which is devoted to a Art Doll. At the same time, it is the first Ukrainian exhibition of International level, which gives possibility the Ukrainian audience and guests of country to see the extraordinary and various world of Art Doll, feel the magic charge of positive emotions, which is passed through a Handmade Art Doll or Toy.

We invite you to participate in this bright event in International cultural life!